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Floods can deal a heavy blow to the structural integrity of properties in addition to causing untold financial losses.  

According to Statista, the United States lost nearly 2.8 billion dollars in flood-related property and crop damage in 2022. The cumulative effects of flood destruction are even more devastating for properties located in flood-prone cities like Philadelphia.  

But while floods are an act of God and beyond human control, we can take certain proactive measures to reduce their impact on our properties when they occur. One such step is waterproofing our home’s basements.  

Read below as we highlight the top reasons to get your Philadelphia home waterproofed today.

1. Prepares You for the Worst (Ahead Of Time)


Floods are inevitable. Even if your home has never been affected, there’s a decent chance that it will in the future. That’s partly because Philadelphia is a relatively humid city and partly due to global climate change.  

Floods are notoriously unpredictable, too. And when they occur, they can strike at the worst possible moment, inflicting maximum damage.  

Dealing with floods after the fact can be mentally and financially draining. Your best bet is to enlist the services of a basement waterproofing solution provider in Philadelphia and have your property cushioned from the unforeseeable dangers of flooding.  

The technician will visit your property and inspect the basement before issuing you with a quote.

2.Keeps Water Away From Your Belongings

Many homeowners may discount the significance of basement waterproofing, especially if flood water tends to clear from their basements rather fast. There’s no major cause for alarm if water seeps into the basement, sits for an hour or two, and drains away, right? Well, wrong.  

Contrary to popular misconception, the sheer volume of water isn’t the only danger of flooding properties. There are also increased humidity levels to beware of.  

Standing water in the basement elevates your property’s overall dampness. Depending on the flooding, you may notice increased dampness from as high up as the attic. The resultant condition can damage belongings that don’t handle high humidity quite well.  

Clothing and linen, particularly those made of natural fibers, will be the first culprit. Your wooden furniture will then follow suit. Before you know it, metallic components will begin to rust.  

Fortunately, it’s relieving to know that you can safeguard your valuables from moisture damage by simply getting your basement waterproofed.  

basement waterproofing solution 

3.Mitigates Flood Risk

You can easily distinguish a property that has had its basement waterproofed from one without, just by visual inspection. It’s even easier to distinguish if both homes are in flood-prone areas.  

Un-waterproofed properties will begin to exhibit signs of stress in their basements and foundations. The stress results from the hydrostatic pressure exerted by water outside the home and the interaction between moisture and the foundational concrete.  

Without urgent intervention, the pressure can worsen over time and increase the risk of flooding your basement. Worse yet, it could reduce your home’s structural integrity, posing an existential risk to its occupants.  

The only solution is to enlist the help of professional Philadelphia basement waterproofing technicians.

4.Enhances Your Property’s Structural Integrity

We’ve just pointed out how sustained hydrostatic pressure can increase your property’s susceptibility to flood damage. But that’s only half the danger.  

Without proactive interventions to get your basement drainage system checked and waterproofed, you could be looking at potentially life-threatening scenarios.  

The alternating wetting and drying of the basement can develop cracks in your home’s foundation. If unsealed early enough, these cracks could degenerate into gaping holes.  

As more concrete washes away from the foundation, the house will cave in eventually.

5.Saves You Money

Basement repair doesn’t come cheap. Cost per square meter can range from $30 to $500, depending on the scope of work involved.  

Any future-thinking homeowner would want to get their basements waterproofed ASAP to minimize the cumulative effects of flood water.  

While the project may set you back with hundreds or even thousands of dollars, the cost pales in comparison to what you’d pay if you allowed the problem to persist for years.  

Not waterproofing your basement early enough could trigger additional foundational problems that may require a multi-pronged approach to address. Inviting different home improvement professionals to fix your basement and foundation would raise renovation fees. 

renovation fees

6.Keeps Mold Away

Mold adores moist places, and the basement provides the ideal breeding ground. These fungi are a major risk factor for upper respiratory infections. 

Nasal and sinus congestion, persistent cough, and throat irritation are common in mold-infested homes. Some people may also develop runny eyes, headaches, and skin rash in response to mold presence in their living space.  

Not only are these conditions annoying while they last, but they can also translate into hefty medical bills over time.  

Even if you don’t suffer from respiratory congestion from exposure to molds in your basement, these fungi are an eyesore enough. Besides, they could discolor your basement floor and walls, compounding the renovation work.  

Getting your basement waterproof helps eliminate molds and their associated adverse effects.

7.Keeps Critter and Foul Odor Out Of Your Home

When flood water makes its way to your basement, it doesn’t just carry silt and rocks with it. It also comes with critters, including insects, mice, and snakes.  

The thought of walking into a horde of mice gnawing at your valuables is petrifying enough. But it’s only half the fright compared to waking up at night to see a potentially venomous serpent coiled on your bed.  

Getting your basement waterproofed is a preemptive intervention in keeping critters out of your home.  

Basement waterproofing also reduces unpleasant smell in your home, which usually comes from dampness and mold growth. This can be critical in improving your home’s indoor air quality. 

Basement Waterproofing Scientists

The Bottom Line 

Not only does waterproofing your basement help to mitigate the adverse effects of flood water. It also improves your home’s structural integrity, curb appeal, and resale value. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of professional home improvement companies that provide high-end basement waterproofing services in Philadelphia.  

Basement Waterproofing Scientists stands out for its unique approach to basement waterproofing. The company deploys the latest technology to ace even the most challenging waterproofing projects. It also provides several basement-related services, including foundation repair, wall crack repair, and mold remediation.  

With over three decades of professional excellence, it’s evident why Basement Waterproofing Scientists enjoy impeccable customer reviews.  

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