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Philadelphia is one of the U.S.’ most flood-prone state capitals. According to the Philadelphia Water Department website, the city grapples with various adverse impacts of rain events, including surface water and groundwater flooding.  

Raging deluge and intense storms can overwhelm our drainage systems and create a backflow into our basements. That underscores the significance of having a Philadelphia basement contractor on speed dial whenever the wet seasons roll in.  

However, water damage isn’t the only reason to hire a Philadelphia basement technician. These professionals can also help with a host of other basement issues.  

For many Philadelphia property owners, the biggest challenge is finding a basement contractor who delivers on their claims. Fortunately, you don’t have to look too hard, provided that you ask the relevant questions.  

This post highlights the top eight considerations when searching for a qualified basement contractor in Philadelphia. We’ve packaged each point into a question to make your search feel more realistic. 

What basement services are you looking for? 

  Basement repair

Basement repair comes in many forms. So, it’s important to define the specific services that you need a technician for.  

For instance, a flood-prone basement will most certainly require waterproofing. The technician you engage will assess your basement and recommend the best waterproofing method based on your budget and the property’s age.  

A little research is all you need to find a home improvement company that provides high-end foundation repair services at industry competitive rates.  

Other basement services that are commonly availed by Philadelphian homeowners include mold inspection, remediation, and wall crack repairs. 

Is the company online? 

The days when homeowners would hop from one street to another looking for basement repair technicians are long gone. Thanks to the internet, you can find basement contractors Philadelphia without leaving your couch.  

However, the actual reason to insist on a basement contractor with an online presence is that it lets you go through customer reviews before contacting the company. Reviews can accurately depict the technician’s services and help you decide if they’re the right guy for the job.  

Besides, the internet lets you compare quotes quickly and more conveniently.  

Simply narrow your list to a few companies based on the services you need. Then, compare their rates side-by-side and pick the most affordable one.    

How long has the company been around? 

There are dozens of basement contractors in Philadelphia. However, these companies vary significantly in their industry presence. Some are new entrants, while others have existed for decades.  

Experts recommend older contractors due to their wealth of experience and strategic approach to basement repair.  

Basement Waterproofing Scientists is a striking example of a Philadelphia basement contractor with a long industry presence, boasting experience spanning 30+ years. The company’s name’s’ scientist’ reference resonates with the fact that it deploys advanced, science-backed techniques in all its basement repair projects.   

Basement Waterproofing

Is the company specialized? 

Different basement companies specialize in certain areas. Once you know the specific repairs your basement needs, look for a contractor that provides those services.  

The surest way to distinguish between a specialized contractor and a jack of all trades is to check the company’s services online. Go through their offerings and see if there’s any harmony.  

However, it’s important to point out that basement repair is already specialized. That means you can find a company that offers diverse basement-related services, from waterproofing to foundation repair, mold remediation, etc.  

You want to avoid a basement contractor who also claims to offer totally unrelated services, such as home security surveillance installation.  

Is the company licensed? 

This should be a no-brainer. Interestingly, it’s one area where many Philadelphian homeowners often skimp on.  

A license proves the basement contractor you’re about to engage is authorized to ply their trade in the city. It also lends credence to the company’s qualifications. More importantly, a license is evidence of a basement company’s legal existence.  

The State of Pennsylvania requires all basement technicians operating within its jurisdiction to possess a home improvement contractor license. Such a license is mandatory to undertake residential work.  

You may also request to see a general contractor’s license, which applies to basement technicians who often work in commercial, industrial, and multi-family residential home improvement projects. 

basement contractor in Philadelphia

Is the company insured? 

License and insurance often go hand in hand. Finding a licensed basement contractor in Philadelphia that’s not insured is nearly impossible.  

However, the type of insurance coverage a basement repair company possesses truly matters.  

Insist on companies with general liability insurance. Such coverage binds the contractor to liabilities for any damage to your property during the course of their work.  

Worker’s compensation insurance is a bonus. The contractor is liable for this package if their employees get injured on-site.  

Does the company provide a warranty? 

Engaging a duly insured Philadelphia basement contractor only cushions your property from damage and your households from harm during the active repair period. But what if problems emerge shortly after the repair work is done?  

You’d have no recourse unless the company provided you with a generous warranty.  

Note that a warranty’s strength consists of its duration and scope of coverage.  

Choose a contractor that provides a written warranty detailing the extent of damage the company will cover and within what duration after the repair work is done. 

Does the company issue free quotes? 

Nearly all Philadelphia basement repair technicians will issue you a quote beforehand.  

However, insist on contractors who issue free quotes with no strings attached.  

More importantly, the basement technician must have visited your property and carefully assessed the area that needs repair before preparing a detailed quotation.  

Companies like Basement Waterproofing Scientists even provide a free inspection in addition to a free quote. 

basement repair technicians

The Bottom Line 

Finding the right basement contractor can be a painstaking process if you do not understand what to look for in the technician. But by following the above-listed pointers, it’s only a matter of time before you hone in on a suitable basement company.  

Basement Waterproofing Scientists has established itself as an authority in home repair and renovation for over thirty years. We maintain a team of highly trained basement technicians who guarantee unparalleled workmanship.  

Contact us today to freely discuss your basement repair needs. We’ll dispatch a team to your location to assess the scope of work and then issue you a fair quote. If we agree, you can go about your routine as you let our pros handle the project.